Ana Hatha

Artist's Bio


I was a passionate artist as child, as many of us are, enjoying the process of creation more than anything in the world. If given a piece of paper and some colored pencils, I would be lost in it for hours.

But then “reality” kicked in. Having a “proper” job and life made me abandon art for many, many years to come, finding excuses of not having enough time for “unnecessary hobbies”. Soon I found myself losing all my joy and purpose, feeling that I’m not fully doing what I’m actually here for.

After starting to dive deeply into yoga and meditation, the call for art become stronger in me again, until I finally couldn’t resist it anymore.

Discovering the Visionary Academy of Arts in Vienna in 2017 turned my life upside down. I had finally found a style of art & way of creating I could identify with and started sucking in as much input as I could, taking all the possible workshops and classes that my “limited” time allowed, encountering amazing artists & teachers such as Amanda Sage, Autumn Skye Morrison, Daniel Mirante, Olga Klimova, Laurence Caruana, Kevin Campeau, Chris Dyer, Kuba Ambrose and Vera Atlantia. I am forever grateful for all the inspiration and valuable techniques I’ve learned and how this has made me grow. I have finally realized how relative time actually is, how it suddenly seems to expand when we follow our heart’s passion … and life has started to flow again - in vivid colors.